The Sheikh Organization has an extensive marketplace experience from transactions in partnership with investment banks, hedge funds and global corporates such as EFG Bank, Quantum Fund (founded by George Soros, Open Society Foundations), Fidelity Investments and Tobii Technology (world leader in eye tracking and listed on Nasdaq OMX) plus many others.


The Sheikh Organization has a strong track record of adding value in great numbers to the marketplace by raising capital and scaling companies in the millions in sales, profits and market value to the benefit of the founders- and shareholders of private growth companies.

Track record

The Sheikh Organizations team members have founded a proprietary hedge fund investment strategy with performed live tests, comparative performance and portfolio risk analytics executed and verified with superior results by Bloomberg Finance LP. As well as hedge fund startup fund raising of over Skr 100 million completed.

“Time is money."
Benjamin Franklin

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The Marketplace for Private Tech Companies

The buying and selling of an investor’s ownership in a privately held, venture capital or private equity backed company is defined as a direct secondary. Distinct from the limited partner secondary market, the direct secondary market is specified by a transfer of a directly held ownership interest in a company rather than a transfer of a fund of fund interest or indirect ownership stake.

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Investing in Blockchain Technology,
Digital Currency and Crypto Assets

Advancements in cryptography, computing, and consensus-based algorithms led to the breakthrough that is blockchain in 2008 – a replicated ledger with the promise to distribute trust, potentially disrupting industries such as finance, health care, and the supply chain by removing long-standing intermediaries.

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